gifting a car for the holidays

Surprise a Loved One with a New Car for the Holidays!

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A new car might sound like an exorbitant gift, but it can actually be a practical way to free up time in your household. For instance, if you’ve been driving your teen to work, giving them their own car frees up your schedule and lets them take on more hours. Or if you and your significant other have been sharing one car, having a second vehicle allows you to get a second job. 

Some people also need another vehicle so that they can make money from ridesharing or delivering food and groceries. In this case, having a car can actually pay for itself over time! Whether for a high school student, college student or someone else special in your life, here are some tips for surprising a loved one with a new or used car for the holidays. 

Find the Right Vehicle 

With car prices and interest rates soaring, it’s important that you take time to assess what type of vehicle is best for this special someone. It sounds simple, but it’s also easy to get carried away paying for features you don’t necessarily need. 

Start by asking yourself what the purpose of the vehicle is. Is it to get to work or school? Offer ridesharing services? Carpool with others? Also, in what conditions will the car be driven? At night? In inclement weather? On long distances or uneven terrains? 

Secure the Right Financing 

Whether you plan on making the monthly payments, or the recipient will be helping out, make sure you get the best financing. Compare rates from different lenders. Many lenders will pre-qualify you without impacting your credit score. This way, you can see what rates you can get, and use this as negotiating power at the dealership. 

Also keep in mind that if you are taking out the loan, you won’t be able to transfer it to the giftee. If the giftee wants to be on the loan, they’ll have to file a new loan application and go through the approval process. 

Register the Car in Their Name

Even though the giftee’s name won’t be on the loan (unless you work this out ahead of time), the car can still be registered to them. You have two options for this. You can wait until Christmas Day and head down to the DMV to register the car in their name, or you can register the car in your name and change it later on. 

Check Insurance Coverage 

Auto insurance is something else to think about. Before your loved one takes possession of the car, make sure that it is properly insured. Talk to your insurance carrier about possibly extending coverage if you are replacing a car or adding a new one to your policy. Keep in mind that some cars are more expensive to insure than others, and your loved one’s driving record will also impact rates. 

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Finally, top off the gift with a big red bow! This special someone will surely remember this Christmas for years and years! Getting a new vehicle for the holidays is certainly memorable, and you can improve your quality of life by making sure that everyone in the house has a dependable car to drive.