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What is RepoFinder?

RepoFinder is a nationwide directory of banks and credit unions that sell repossessions to the public.

How does RepoFinder work?

RepoFinder links buyers directly to banks who sell repossessions. You can use the map feature to locate a list of local banks and credit unions. Clicking on the bank name takes you directly to the bank’s website where they sell repo’s. Pro members can also search from the Featured Repo List

Do I need a dealer license to buy repossessions:

No. These repossessions are sold directly to the public by the bank. Each bank has a different format for selling repossessions that will be described on their individual repo websites.

Will the bank offer financing:

Yes. Not only will the banks offer financing but some banks will offer better interest rates on loans to help sell their repossessions. Generally, the bank will also assist you with the bill of sale, title documents, loan paperwork, etc.

What kind of repossessions do the bank’s sell?

Repossessed vehicles like cars, trucks, RV’s, motorcycles, boats, etc. are the most common. Many also sell bank owned real estate. RepoFinder has labeled some of the links to help you search.

Can I search for a specific vehicle by make or model?

Unfortunately banks don’t have a uniform system for listing their repossessions. Some banks with a large volume of repossessions for sale will have that ability on their website. At this time there isn’t a way to search multiple banks for a specific vehicle by make or model.

What if don’t see any repossessions for sale?

Some larger banks may sell a lot of repossessions each month, and smaller banks may only sell a few repossessions a year. Sometimes when a bank has nothing for sale they deactivate the link temporarily. Keep checking back because bank repossessions sell fast, and inventory changes frequently.

What if I want to cancel?

RepoFinder Pro is billed month-to-month. Cancel anytime.

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