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Why Repo Cars a Great Choice for College Students

If your college kid could benefit from having their own car, this article is for you! College students don’t typically have a ton of money. They’re focused on going to school, getting good grades and building their resume. Except for maybe a part-time job or two, most college kids can’t afford to buy a new car and make the payments on it. 

At the same time, the parents of college students are also often strapped for cash! They’re likely helping out with the cost of tuition, as well as room and board, food, books and other things. Affording a car payment on top of it might be too much. Fortunately, there is an option for college students and their families: repossessed cars. 

What are Repo Cars? 

Repo cars are vehicles that have been taken from their owner because they didn’t make their payments. When you take out a loan to buy a new car, you’re agreeing to make the monthly payments on time. If you don’t, the lender has the right to repossess the car. You’ll likely have an opportunity to catch up on payments once the car is repossessed, and if you can’t, it’s sold at an auction.

Lenders don’t like having to deal with repo cars. They’re in the business to make money by lending money. They don’t want cars sitting on their lot, nor do they want to spend time trying to find a buyer. That’s why they often unload repossessed cars quickly by selling them at dealer auctions. 

The trouble with dealer-only auctions is that they are only open to people with a dealer’s license. They are not open to the general public. If you want to get your hands on a true repo from a bank or lender, is the way to go. We have a huge list of repo inventory from banks, credit unions and lenders all over the country. 

Why Repo Cars are a Great Choice for College Kids 

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your college student, here are some reasons why repossessed cars make a great fit for young people:

  • They’re affordable. Repo cars can save you as much as 30 percent compared to what you would pay at a dealership for a new car. You can also negotiate with the seller to get a better price. 
  • They’re cheaper to insure. Because repo cars cost less and are typically a few years old or older, they’re also cheaper to insure. If your college kid is going to be driving back and forth to school and home, you want to be able to save on insurance. 
  • You can pay in cash. Since repo cars are more affordable, some people pay in cash. Paying in cash makes you a stronger negotiator, and you can save money on interest rates. If you and your college student have been saving up for a car, you can put your money together and make this great purchase! 
  • There’s a wide selection. When you look for a repo car on, you’ll find a great selection of vehicles. You can shop at your leisure, view the photos, ask questions and more without leaving your home. 

Buying a vehicle for a college student is a big venture, but it’s one that’s often needed. College kids need a way to get to and from school, work, etc., so a car quickly becomes essential. To find an affordable car for your college student, visit today