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RepoFinder: Say Goodbye to Commission-Based Sales Teams

When you go to purchase a car from a dealership, a car salesperson will likely help you along the way. They’ll point out the vehicles that fit your needs, take you for a test drive and work with the financing team to make your payments affordable. While car salespeople can be helpful, they can also be pushy. Very pushy. 

There’s a reason why car salespeople are the way they are – they’re under pressure to maximize their profits and sell the most vehicles possible. The more you pay for the vehicle, the more commission they get, which is why they will also try to upsell you on extended warranties and other features. 

Due to this high-pressure environment, some people prefer to shop for cars online. They don’t have to deal with the same pressure, and they can take their time researching the different makes and models. However, when they find a car they like, they often have to go to the dealership to buy it. 

So what if you want to say goodbye to working with commission-based sales teams and shop for cars on your own? RepoFinder is a great alternative. 

What is RepoFinder? 

RepoFinder provides a simple directory of links to banks and credit unions that sell repossessions. These are true repossessions – cars that have been taken from their previous owners for nonpayment. Other places may claim to sell repos, but they often take them, fix them up and sell them for a profit. Not RepoFinder. 

When you buy from us, there are absolutely no fees or commissions. You are buying a car from a bank or credit union that is just looking to recoup some of their losses. They are not trying to get the most money from the sale – they simply want the car sold at a fair price. You can ask questions and make an offer all on our site. 

Tips for Buying a Repo on RepoFinder 

To make the process as smooth and seamless as possible, here are some tips when buying a repo car on RepoFinder: 

  • Take your time and do your research. We have repos in all 50 states, and we update our inventory regularly. Take your time looking through our vehicles and reading the information that is available, such as make, model, condition and features.  
  • Make a competitive bid. Know how to make a competitive offer. Some bids are open and some are closed, so you may not know what other people are offering. And don’t be afraid to offer less – everything is priced to sell. 
  • Inspect the vehicle. Even though you’re shopping online, you should still do your due diligence. Most lenders will allow you to inspect the vehicle before signing anything. 
  • Secure your financing. You can get financing on your own, or you can work with the lender to obtain financing. This could work in your favor, as the lender may be willing to negotiate a lower price. 

If you’re hoping to shop for used vehicles in a commission-free environment, visit RepoFinder today