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Best Car Features for Parents

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Shopping for a car is one thing, but shopping for a family car is a whole different experience. You’re not just taking into consideration your needs but also the needs of your family. In addition, it’s likely that the family vehicle will be used for running errands, taking the kids to sports practice and going on road trips. You need something that’s going to accommodate you for all of these activities!

As you start shopping around for a family minivan or SUV, here are some of the best features parents should look for! 

High Safety Rating 

When it comes to driving around the little ones, safety trumps everything. Look for car models that have five-star safety ratings and perform well in crash tests. Other features that make a family car safe include automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, electronic stability control, and side and curtain airbags. 

Plenty of Space 

No matter the size of your family, plan to have plenty of space in your new vehicle. There will come a day (if not now) that you’ll be driving other kids to soccer practice or school. And you’ll be taking your family vehicle on road trips and other family day trips. Everyone should be able to travel in safety and comfort. We recommend getting a vehicle with multiple rows, with the option to rearrange the interior. 

…And Plenty of Storage 

In addition to leg room and comfy seats, you should also focus on vehicles that offer plenty of storage space. Stow-and-go seating is still popular in many hatchbacks, minivans and SUVs. It allows you to pack away up to two rows of seating beneath the cargo floor. This flat space makes it easy to haul large items like groceries, strollers and bikes. 

Reliable Backup Camera 

Backup cameras are a must these days, and they particularly come in handy in busy parking lots and neighborhoods. Using a screen on your dashboard, you can safely back out of your driveway or parking spot with a clear view. You’ll always know what’s behind you, preventing embarrassing moments and serious accidents. 

Remote Keyless Entry 

Another feature we recommend looking for is remote keyless entry, which lets you open and close doors from the touch of the button. This way, you can open up the doors and load up the kids while you’re still bringing in the groceries. And, if you purchase a minivan, you get sliding doors that won’t scratch nearby cars. 

Built-in Sunshades 

Kids get a lot of sun when riding in the car, and there isn’t any protection for them. Even the car decals usually aren’t large enough to cover the entire window. Look for a family car that comes equipped with built-in sunshades so that you can pull them down when you need them. Plus, they darken the car, making it easier for little ones to nap. 

These are just some of the features we recommend looking for in your new family car. There are plenty of other features you can look for as well, such as built-in vacuum cleaners, bluetooth connectivity and backseat cup holders. To find the perfect vehicle for your family at a price you can afford, shop with RepoFinder today!

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The Big Debate: Should You Buy a Minivan or SUV for Your Family?

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When you have a big family, you need a vehicle to accommodate everyone to school, sports practices, family outings and more. Obviously, a four-door sedan or mini coupe is out. Your two best options are then a minivan or SUV. 

Both vehicles are capable of having three rows, captain seats and plenty of legroom to keep everyone comfortable on the road. But which one is right for your family and how can you make the best decision? Let’s find out! 

Features that Both Minivans and SUVs Have 

SUVs and minivans have plenty of similar features that make them great picks for hauling cargo and people. Let’s take a look.

  • Interior technology. To cater to families, both SUVs and minivans have tech like rear-seat entertainment systems, surround-view cameras, USB ports and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. 
  • Safety technology. Since SUVs and minivans are meant to be family-friendly, you can expect them to have plenty of safety features like lane-departure warnings, blind-spot monitoring and collision avoidance. 
  • Fuel efficiency. While minivans are not known for giving the best gas mileage, SUVs are no better. However, minivans are not terrible on gas, and there are plenty of hybrid SUVs and crossover SUVs that match the fuel efficiency of a minivan. 

The Case for Buying a Minivan

The one caveat with minivans is that they give off the ‘soccer mom’ image that many people don’t like. In other words, they’re not cool or trendy like SUVs. However, it’s important to look at things objectively since minivans do have a lot of great features. 

  • Cost. In general, minivans cost less than three-row SUVs.
  • Space. Minivans typically offer more space than three-row SUVs, with about five additional inches of legroom in the third row. This is great for teens and older kids.
  • Accessibility. Sliding doors are a staple of minivans. You can fit into tight spaces and run errands without worrying about doors swinging open or slamming shut. 
  • High-tech features. High-end minivans have things like in-car vacuums, air-cooled seats, second-row lounge chairs and integrated window sunshades.

Now, there are some drawbacks to minivans. Compared to SUVs, they don’t have a whole lot of ground clearance. They’re also not great in extreme weather or off-road conditions. Minivans also don’t have much towing capacity.

The Case for Buying an SUV

Moving onto SUVs, there are plenty of things for families to love about these vehicles. There are many SUV options on the market, making it easy to find a size and layout that you love. Even hybrid and electric options are available! 

Here are some of the top reasons to get an SUV: 

  • Better visibility. SUVs sit taller and have a higher ground clearance, giving you better visibility. 
  • Elevated features. SUVs are focused on the overall cabin experience, which is why they include things like massaging seats, length-adjustable seats and a gauge cluster seat belt indicator. 
  • All-wheel and 4-wheel drive. Because SUVs are available in all-wheel and 4-wheel drive, they can handle rough terrain or stormy weather.  
  • Good towing capacities. If you plan on towing a boat or trailer, an SUV can handle it. Some have towing capacities of up to 9,000 pounds! 

The downside to SUVs are that they are more limited on space, they’re generally less efficient on gas and it’s more difficult to find captain’s seats. 

For many car shoppers, it comes down to features and price. Many are ultimately happy with a minivan or SUV. To shop from a wide selection of affordable SUVs and minivans, visit RepoFinder.com today.