Repo’s – Where to find Stearns Bank Repo Cars, Boats, and Real Estate properties

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Where to find Stearns Bank Repo Cars, Boats, and REO properties.

According to their website, “Stearns Financial Services Inc. is a well capitalized, independent financial holding company based in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Founded in 1912, CEO Norm Skalicky has led SFSI since 1964. Stearns Bank continues to extend the foundation of excellence with bank locations in Minnesota, Arizona, Florida, and Georgia. Stearns has an established history of delivering quality financial products and services, outstanding customer service, and the ability to deliver local decisions with customized finance solutions. The slogan says it all. We strive to “Get The Job Done” for you”. Stearns Bank is one of the larger players in nationwide lending and has taken a more aggressive approach towards make-sense lending products. As with all lending there is a small percentage of loans that will default.

Stearns Bank, like other financial institutions has provided an innovative portal for consumer to purchase their bank repo cars, equipment, real estate, boats, motorcycles, and more.

Interested property investors and car buyers can view these bank repo vehicles and homes by visiting the-Stearns Bank repo list.

A lot of buyers are surprised to see how simple the process can be buying a car or home from Stearns Bank. The bankers are experts on lending and will make sure that the procedure runs smoothly for you. They can also assist in preparing sales documents, assessing property value, and even helping you obtain financing in their loan department.

Buyers can navigate current Stearns bank repossessions for sale by state or zip code. If you find a repossessed vehicle or home you are interested in purchasing make sure to contact a representative from Stearns as soon as you can. They will walk you through the steps on making an offer, and make sure that you understand everything about the transaction.  Most repo’s and bank foreclosures are sold “as-is”, so be sure to do your due diligence on any bank properties before bidding.  You may also want to contact a trusted mechanic or real estate professional for additional help.