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Top 4 Benefits of Buying an Electric Vehicle

Are you thinking about buying an electric car? It may seem like a stretch but these vehicles are becoming more popular and accessible. If you’re not prepared to buy a brand new electric vehicle, you can buy a secondhand one.

Used electric vehicles (EVs) save money while giving you all the perks of owning and driving an electric car. Electric vehicles are destined to be the future and currently make up 3% of global car salesIf you’re considering buying one, here are the main benefits to look forward to. 

Less Expensive to Run 

Owners of electric cars have much lower running costs because they don’t need to rely on fuel. And this is a great thing considering that gas prices are constantly fluctuating! Electricity is cheaper than gasoline and has a more stable price point. If you want to reduce your electric costs further, you can install solar panels on your home to provide energy to your car. 

Better for the Environment 

Traditional vehicles create greenhouse gases that go into the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. Fortunately, EVs do not release carbon dioxide into the air when you drive them. These vehicles are also built to be more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles and use large, recyclable batteries that last for about 100,000 miles. 

Less Maintenance

If you’re tired of maintaining your vehicles, an EV will be a welcome change. These cars need a lot less maintenance than gas-powered cars because you don’t have to worry about spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters, exhaust pipes, mufflers, oil changes, catalytic converters and more. Imagine that! You can also skip the smog tests, saving you time throughout the year. 

You’ll also find that an engine on an electric car is much simpler. A gas-powered engine has hundreds of moving parts, whereas an EV motor has less than ten. Plus, when these parts do give out, they’re much easier to replace. 

Fun Tech Features 

If you enjoy all the fun features that come with today’s modern vehicles, you won’t be let down with an electric car. These vehicles have cutting-edge technology, including things like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, keyless ignition/entry and touchscreens. Not to mention, you can get all of these great assets for a fair price. With the rebates and incentives available, your initial price drops significantly. 

Where to Shop for Electric Cars 

You can buy electric cars online and from dealerships. If you’re looking for a cheap electric car, check out the repo inventory from RepoFinder.com. We have a vast inventory of cars, trucks and SUVs at great prices. These vehicles are ready for a new owner! We get electric cars from time to time, so be sure to check back often to view our selection.