Repo’s – Where to find Indiana Members Credit Union Repo’s

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Where to find Indiana Members Credit Union Repo’s.

“Indiana Members Credit Union began in 1956 when]a group of employeesat the Indiana University Medical Center, saw a need to make low-cost credit available to the employees through a national cooperative system. Theybelieved a credit union would be an excellent solution.As a credit union, Indiana Members is a not-for-profit financial institutionowned and operated by its members. You have a voice and a vote as acredit union member. Credit union profits are returned to our membersin the form of better rates and services. In comparison, a bank’s profitsare paid out to their stockholders”.

Indiana Members Credit Union is one of the top lenders in the State for cars, trucks, RV’s, ATV’s, real estate and boats.  Being as large as they are Indiana Members Credit Union has also been involved in the remarketing of repossessed vehicles from their non-performing loans. Indiana Members CU has turned a negative into a positive by allowing credit unions members and the general public to buy these credit union repos  back at a discounted price.  This is also a benefit to Indiana Members CU because generally speaking they will become the lienholder again and will be able to see a profit from interest received.  They keep an up to date and descriptive list of the available credit union repossessions on their website.

For Indiana car buyers interested in low priced credit union repo’s they are listed for sale on the-Indiana Members Credit Union repo’s list.

Buyers are in good hands buying from a credit union.  It’s important to remember that credit unions are experts in the procedures of automobile purchase and might even be able to refer you to a good auto insurance provider.

If you are in the market for a vehicle it’s definitely in your best interest to check the availability of repo’s at Indiana Members Credit Union.  Before you make an offer it’s good to check out the vehicles thoroughly as repo’s are sold “as-is”.  If you need help in researching the vehicle feel free to consult with a trusted mechanic or read reliability reports on the internet.