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What is the Best Way to Find Repo Cars Near Me?

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Are you looking for repossessed cars for yourself or a new driver in the household? If so, you’re probably wondering where you can find these vehicles quickly, easily and affordably. More people are turning to repo cars due to the price hikes on new and used vehicles. While you’ll have to be patient and do your research, you can find repo cars at great prices – all they may need is a bit of TLC! 

Here are some tips for finding repo cars, trucks, SUVs and recreational vehicles near you. 

Used Car Dealerships 

There is a possibility that you can find a repo with a local dealership. BUT…dealerships often advertise repos to get you in the door and thinking you’re getting a great deal. But really, these repos are no different than used cars. They’ve been bought at an auction, cleaned up and had repairs made, which means they cost more. 

That’s not to say that buying a repo from a dealership is a bad deal, but rather that you’re going to pay a markup. Dealerships generally do not sell true repos. 

Banks and Lenders

Some banks and credit unions sell their repo inventory directly to the public at certain times of the year. You may be able to find these vehicles being advertised in local newspapers or on bank and credit union websites. Lenders list basic details about the vehicles they have so that people can submit their bids. 

While it’s actually advantageous to go through a bank or lender, it can be hard to track down which banks are selling their repo inventory. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a website that had a list of the banks and credit unions selling repos? (Hint: There is!) 

Public Auctions 

Not all auctions sell vehicles to the public. Many require bidders to have a dealer’s license, which is a license that allows dealers to purchase cars from auto auctions on a large scale. But, if you can find an auction that sells to the public, you can certainly check out their options. However, be prepared for cars that have been poorly maintained, as well as lots of bids. 

RepoFinder is an online directory that has the links to banks, lenders and credit unions selling repossessed vehicles. You can easily find banks in your area by clicking on your state. Pictures and information about each vehicle are provided for free. This way, you can shop around and place a bid when you’re ready. 

All repos listed on these websites are available to the public. The lender will tell you how to place a bid, and many are willing to negotiate. You may even be able to get financing through the bank itself – this is their business after all, NOT selling cars! To find a repo in your price range, browse RepoFinder today