Repo’s – Where to find Kennedy Space Center Federal Credit Union Repo’s.

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Where to find Kennedy Space Center Federal Credit Union Repo’s.

As per their website; “Kennedy Space Center Federal Credit Union has been dedicated to providing quality financial services since April 1963, originally chartered as Merritt Island Launch Area (MILA) Federal Credit Union. In 1981, the Field of Membership was expanded to include Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and a second branch was opened. By 1983 Assets had grown to $29,413,000 and Checking Account services were made available for members. Growth and expansion of more branches continued; Titusville in 1982, Merritt Island opened at the Shore Lanes Plaza in 1984 and the Multi-Function Facility on Kennedy Space Center. In 1993, Assets reached $158,382,000 with the merger of Halifax Teachers’ Federal Credit Union in Volusia County.

The Credit Union continues to thrive due to the loyalty of our membership, with thirteen branches and ongoing implementations of new products and services. Today, membership is open to anyone that lives, works or worships in Brevard or Volusia Counties”.

This credit union is has a large clientele base throughout the State of Florida.  Through the years they have been a major player in the lending market for small business owners and individuals in the market for auto and mortgage loans.   KSCFCU has primarily focused it’s lending efforts in Florida (specifically the Orlando area), but occasionally may provide funding outside of the State.  Their financing options have provided for a diverse portfolio of lending options for those looking to acquire cars, trucks, RV’s, boats, as well as real estate.

As the recent housing and financial markets have been stretched exponentially Kennedy Space Center Federal Credit Union has on occasion been in the position where they are forced to repossess some of these financed assets.  Although every effort is exhausted before hand, some borrowers will return the vehicles to the credit union in lieu of unpaid liens against the property.  KSCFCU has provided an innovative way to deal with these credit union repo’s which benefits both the credit union and also car and home buyers looking for a bargain.  Through their website they have provided a portal to sell any repossessed property they take in.  This section of their website is very customer friendly and is designed to provide a quick sell of the repo’s.  They also have provided car buying resources like a mortgage calculator and also preferred quotes on home and auto insurance.

For Florida car buyers interested in low priced credit union repo’s they are listed for sale on the-Kennedy Space Center Federal Credit Union repo’s list.

You can expect to be treated fairly and honestly as you work with KSCFCU in purchasing a credit union repo.  Many buyers are pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and knowledge base of their representatives.  Interested buyers who would like to browse their inventory in person can arrange to view the repo cars, ATV’s, boats, and real property holdings (REO) prior to submitting an offer.

If you decide to purchase a credit union repo be sure to contact the credit union as soon as you can.  Credit union repo’s sell fast, so you want to make sure you don’t delay.  Be sure to inquire about purchase terms, including if they offer special financing for those that purchase repossessions.  Generally speaking credit union repo’s are offered in “as-is” condition.  This means that you will be responsible to do you own research prior to making an offer.  If you decide you will need additional help making a decision don’t hesitate to talk to a local real estate professional or mechanic for their advice.