Repo’s – Where to find Founders Credit Union Repo’s.

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Where to find Founders Credit Union Repo’s.

According to their website, “Founders Federal Credit Union operates 23 offices and 3 service centers in North and South Carolina covering the counties of Cherokee, Chester, Chesterfield, Lancaster, Laurens, Mecklenburg, Spartanburg and York, with plans to open a branch in Union County. Consistently recognized as one of the largest and most innovative credit unions in the nation, Founders serves more than 191,600 members and has over $1.6 billion in assets”.

Founder Credit Union is a leading lender for cars, trucks, RV’s, ATV’s, real estate and boats is both North and South Carolina. Due to the sheer number of loans they fund, Founders Credit Union has also become increasingly involved in the handling of non performing loans which result in  credit union repo cars and real estate. FCU will take the repo and foreclosure assets, and then remarket them back to the public at a discounted price. As an incentive, Founders Credit Union will offer special financing terms and rates to qualified buyers who purchase their repossessions. They keep an up to date list of these foreclosures and repossessions in a designated area on their website.

For North and South Carolina home and car buyers interested in low priced credit union repo’s and foreclosures, they are listed for sale on the-Founders Credit Union repo’s list.

As a potential buyer it is reassuring to know that the credit union is an expert in auto and home financing and will guide you through the entire process professionally. Buyers within the Carolinas can search listings conveniently for credit union repo cars, trucks, boats, and real estate right from their home computer.

If you are able to locate a credit union owned vehicle that you want to buy you’ll want to make a move as soon as possible.  Repo cars are generally sold “as-is”, but they sell quickly.  It’s always recommended to carefully research the vehicles or homes before you submit an offer.  If you need more help you can contact a local vehicle expert or real estate agent to provide guidance too.