Repo’s – Where to find Centra Credit Union Repo’s

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Centra Credit Union describes their history as follows:For more than 70 years, Centra Credit Union has been known for its commitment to quality service. Its roots lie in Columbus, Indiana, where eight employees of the Cummins Engine Company founded the Cummins Employees Federal Credit Union. Their goal: to identify a source of low-cost credit and a convenient place to save their hard-earned money. At their first organizational meeting, these employees set credit union policies, including a maximum deposit of $7.50 per week and an unsecured loan limit of $25. A charter was granted on October 31, 1940. In 1995, the name was changed to Centra Federal Credit Union, reflecting the company’s growth and diversity. The credit union became state-chartered in 1997 and is known today as Centra Credit Union. Since its start, Centra has grown to 127,000 members with assets of more than $1 billion. Doug Harris serves as Centra’s president. Twenty-two office locations serve communities in Indiana, New York, and North Carolina. The credit union employs more than 285 people.

Centra Credit Union in Indiana  is a major lender in the State. Since their beginning they have consistently proven themselves as both prudent and sensible with their lending.  They will finance a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, ATV’s, motorcycles, boats, and RV’s.Although the Centa is cautious in their loan underwriting all lending carries some risk for the investor.  Occasionally Centra CU will repossess some of these secured assets.  All options are exhausted before a repossession takes place with Centra Credit Union but sometimes they have no choice. Centra has provided a beneficial way to deal with these credit union repo’s which benefits the credit union and also frugal buyers by selling them back to the public. There is a list of Centra Credit Union repo’s that can be obtained from any of the local branches.

For Indiana car buyers interested in low priced credit union repo’s, they are listed for sale on the-Centra Credit Union repo list.

Car buyers can expect to be treated fairly awhile working with Centra on a repo purchase.  Credit unions have years of experience handling car and home sales transactions.  Interested buyers who can set up a time to visit their repo lot where they sell the repossessed cars, ATV’s, boats, and more at a discount. You might even want to ask about special financing terms.

If you decide that purchasing a Centra Credit Union repo is right for you, make sure to contact them about your intentions. If you don’t see what you want today keep checking back and you might be surprised.