woman on pontoon boat

Looking for a Cheap Pontoon Boat? Check Out Bank Repo Pontoons

Thinking about buying a pontoon boat? In recent years, pontoon boats have become popular all across the country. Individuals, couples and families appreciate the simple change of pace these boats offer. Whether it’s fishing, partying, relaxing or water sports, these boats are able to do it all. 

Why Own a Pontoon Boat 

Before buying a boat, it’s important to assess your needs and budget. Pontoons are not good for rough waters or speed, and they have a wide turn radius. As long as you’re looking for a sturdy, comfortable and customizable boat, a pontoon will serve you well. 

In fact, you can turn your pontoon into a party boat with LED lighting and built-in speakers. Or, opt for a kid-friendly amusement park with inflatable water slides and tubes! And because these boats are relatively easy to maintain, they have a longer lifespan compared to other watercraft. You can also save on insurance, as pontoons are very safe boats. 

How Much Do Pontoon Boats Cost? 

The average cost of a pontoon boat is between $18,000 and $70,000, but they can go much higher than this. This is a wide range, but there are many factors that influence price: age, condition, features, engine power, etc. 

If you’re looking for a cheap pontoon boat, a great option is to shop for repossessed boats. This opens up a new inventory of affordable boats in fair or good condition. While it’s common for repossessions to need some maintenance, some are like new and were only taken because their owners couldn’t afford the payments. 

What are the Benefits of Buying a Repo Pontoon Boat? 

Repossessed inventory presents another opportunity for people who are looking for affordable boats and watercraft. This makes sense for many people because they may only use their pontoon during the summer months. 

The advantages to buying a repo pontoon boat are: 

  • Pay a fraction of the price 
  • Afford higher-end models or brands 
  • Get attractive financing from the lender (who is also the seller) 
  • Ability to negotiate with the banks 

Things to Look for When Buying a Used Pontoon Boat 

Buying a repossession does not necessarily mean that you’re sacrificing quality. Aside from the boat needing a good cleaning, you may only have to make a few light repairs. We do recommend being a smart shopper, doing your homework and inspecting the following: 

  • Furniture and flooring
  • Condition of the hull 
  • Motor performance 
  • Underneath the boat (it should be raised on a trailer)
  • Gauges and dials 
  • Shift and throttle 

RepoFinder.com has a wide inventory of repo boats, including family friendly pontoons. Click on your state and you’ll see a list of banks and credit unions in your area that have repo inventory. By doing your research, asking the right questions and completing an inspection, you can find a great boat at a fantastic price.