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Why Used RVs are Better Than New RVs

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The cost of everything these days is skyrocketing, and vacations are no exception. According to this article, a domestic one-week vacation for one person costs an average of $1,573. This means that for a family of four, the cost of a vacation would be close to $6,500. If you’re looking for a cheaper way to travel while still seeing the world, you may want to consider an RV. 

RV travel is certainly not free, but it is cheaper. There are no hotels, no airfares and few restaurant meals. You also have plenty of flexibility – you can change direction on a whim or stay longer at a destination if you like what you see. Additional perks include being able to take everything with you and having the option to bring your pet. 

To save money and ease into RV traveling, it’s best to buy something used. Here are the top reasons why used RVs are better than new RVs. 

Save Money Upfront 

The biggest benefit of buying a used RV is the savings. Older models of RVs even have lower insurance costs, too. Shop around at places like RepoFinder.com to see what’s available in your area. If the RV needs some work, you can put the money you saved into renovating the interior.

Wider Range of Choices 

Once you start looking at used RVs, you’ll come across a lot of models that are a few years old and older. Many owners trade-in or sell their campers after a couple of years, so this leaves plenty of like-new inventory waiting for new owners. And with depreciation around 20% in the first year or two, you’ll pay much less for these RVs.

More Design Options

In addition to a wider range of inventory, you’ll also find that there are many unique design options to choose from. For example, you might prefer a nostalgic floor plan and design with a vintage camper, or you can choose something trendy and modern from a couple of years ago. The floor plans and designs on RVs are always changing! 

DIY Flexibility

Rather than paying through the nose for a new camper with all the features you want, you can buy something used and renovate the inside. Get exactly what you want for a fraction of the price, such as new flooring, fixtures and paint. There’s plenty of great design ideas online that will help you maximize your space. 

Good Resale Value 

If you decide that owning a camper isn’t your thing, you won’t have buyer’s remorse with a used RV like you would with a new RV. The biggest depreciation happens in the first year or two, so you’re already past this. As long as your camper has been well-maintained, you should be able to sell it for close to what you paid. 

Shopping around for a new camper? RepoFinder.com has a huge inventory of RVs that will be perfect for summer travels! Shop with us today! 

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Renting vs Buying an RV: Which is Better?

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Coronavirus is changing the way people travel. Rather than risking exposure to the virus, more people are choosing to skip the flights and hotels and travel by RV instead. If you’re thinking about taking your own getaway with a camper, you might be wondering if it’s better to rent or buy one. Below we’ll cover the pros and cons to renting and buying an RV so that you can determine what is best for you and your family! 


Cost is one of the main reasons why renting makes sense for a lot of people. On average, RV users only use their campers a few times a year, if that. If you don’t want to be making payments every month on something you won’t be using, renting is your best option. 

However, if you plan on using your RV more frequently, it may be worth buying. Renting an RV still costs hundreds of dollars every night. Plus, there are hidden costs like cleaning fees, setup fees, gas, mileage, etc. Owning an RV can definitely pay off in the long run. 


Another key reason why people prefer to rent is because of the storage. If you own your RV, you’ll have to park it on your driveway or pay for RV storage. Some people don’t want to be bothered with this step, especially if they don’t have a large driveway or extra cash to spend on storage fees. That said, if you have the room to store an RV, it won’t be a problem to own one!


Like other vehicles, RVs do require maintenance. If you’re renting, you don’t have to worry about this upkeep. You can use the RV and return it when you’re done! As an RV owner, however, you’re responsible for the maintenance. It can be expensive, but when you consider the money you’ll save on flights, hotels, etc., it’s probably worth it! 


Now let’s shift our focus onto the huge perk to owning an RV – a fun lifestyle! When you don’t have to go through the hassle of renting a camper and paying the fees, you’ll be more likely to jump in your RV whenever you want. You can take it camping every weekend, travel extensively, visit out-of-state relatives and even live in it short term! 


Owning your RV also allows you to create a home away from home. You can pick out the features you want and upgrade the RV as you’d like. Today’s RVs are better than ever with features like dedicated office spaces, recessed lighting, hardwood flooring, walk-in closets, pull-out pantries and more. Design and decorate your RV so that you never have to feel like you’re away from home. 

Buy a Cheap Used RV 

Renting an RV is a wonderful way to see the world without having to worry about storage, upkeep and maintenance. But if you’re an avid traveler who plans on using your camper often, owning will serve you well. To save money, browse the repossessed RV inventory available on RepoFinder.com. You can find a great selection of RVs that are in good repair and free of water damage. They may be the ticket to owning your own RV!