Repo’s – Where to find America First Credit Union Repo’s.

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Where to find America First Credit Union Repo’s.

According to Wikipedia, “America First Credit Union (AFCU) is a federally chartered credit union headquartered in Riverdale, Utah. AFCU is the 7th largest credit union in the United States in terms of total membership and 11th largest credit union in assets in the U.S.  As of October 2011, America First has 101 branch locations, more than 550,000 members, and has over USD 5.3 billion in assets”.  Considering the size of America First Credit Union they have a large footprint throughout Utah and Nevada to provide vehicle and real estate lending options for consumers.  Although they exercise prudence in lending, they do hold many non-performing loans.  Many of these defaulted loans at AFCU will result in several cars, ATV’s, RV’s, boats, and other real property assets being turned back to the credit union.  America First has found that by selling these repossessions back to the public result in both covering losses and occasionally generating new revenue if the buyer finances it with AFCU again.  America First has a portal on it’s website which offers consumer a chance to view pictures of the credit union repo’s for sale.  They have live customer service and other options to welcome buyers into their bidding market.

For Utah and Nevada car buyers who want to search their credit union repo’s they are listed for sale on the-America First Union repo’s list.

Buyers will find that purchasing a vehicle or home from a credit union is quite simple.  Keep in mind that credit unions are in the business of auto and home financing and are familiar with all of the necessary documents needed for your transaction.  Buyers can search updated listings for repo cars, boats, real estate right from their home computer.  America First Credit Union is really a one-stop-shop for buyers looking for a deal.

If you discover a vehicle at the credit union you want to purchase be sure to contact a representative for America First Credit Union as soon as you can.  Repossessed assets are generally sold “as-is”.  It’s encouraged that buyers research the vehicle in depth before submitting an offer.  The credit union will usually provide a disclaimer releasing them of any responsibility if the repo items have problems after the sale.  America First Credit Union tends to keep a large inventory of vehicles to choose from, but they also have a supply of foreclosed real estate holdings as well.   Don’t hesitate to contact local auto experts or real estate mentors to represent you in the buying process too.