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Cheapest Way to Shop for Riding Lawn Mowers

Shopping around for a riding lawn mower? These types of mowers are good for ¾-acre yards and larger. Even though riding mowers are more expensive than traditional push mowers, most people agree that their benefits are well worth it. 

With a riding mower, you can mow a large area, cut around trees with precision and enjoy a number of attachments to bag clippings or mulch. And, if you choose, you can upgrade your tractor to have a plow for removing snow during the winter, attachments to plow the garden or trailers for hauling feed to your livestock. 

When you make the decision to invest in a riding lawn mower, your next step is to find one to buy. You can head to the nearest home improvement store, but you’ll have to pay full price. If you’re looking for a cheap riding lawn mower that still has plenty of life left, consider a repossession.

What is a Repossessed Riding Mower? 

Vehicles are repossessed when their owner fails to make payments on them. In order to recoup their losses, the lender will take back the vehicle, or in this case, the riding lawn mower. Because riding mowers are an investment, it’s not unusual for people to finance them. 

Once lenders take back the riding mower, they’ll try to work something out with the owner. If the owner can’t catch up on payments, the lender will list the mower for sale. To ensure a quick sale, repo inventory gets a significant price reduction. While there are a number of online repo sellers, is one of the best. 

RepoFinder has the largest database of repo inventory that changes often. Browse our database for riding lawn mowers, ATVs and other outdoor vehicles in all 50 states. With no middleman, you can speak directly with the banks and credit unions to purchase a used riding lawn mower at a steep discount. 

Tips for Finding the Best Riding Lawn Mower 

When you sign up for RepoFinder Pro, you’ll have complete access to all of the repos on our site. We encourage you to ask questions, do your own research and request an inspection before signing anything. Repossessed tractors are often in good condition, though they might be lacking basic maintenance and upkeep. 

Here are some of the features we recommend looking for: 

  • Check out the exterior of the mower. What is the condition of the tires? The blades? Are there fluid leaks? What is the age of the belts, battery and wiring?
  • Ask about the engine. Lawn mower engines generally last a long time, but you’ll still want to make sure the tractor starts up within the first few seconds and doesn’t smoke. 
  • Look for attachments and accessories. Attachments give you greater versatility, which many people want with a riding mower. Is there a spreader for fertilizer? A side discharge for taller grass? A collection or bagging system? 

If you can wait, you can find a great deal on a used riding lawn mower through Just click on your state and you can find an updated list of repossessions being sold through banks and credit unions in your area.