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State Employees’ Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative. Membership is limited to persons who meet the eligibility requirements.

Employees of the state of North Carolina
Federal employees working in conjunction with state of North Carolina departments (examples of this are federal employees of the North Carolina National Guard, or a federal US Department of Agriculture employee assigned to work at the North Carolina Department of Agriculture)
Employees of public boards of education
Members of the North Carolina National Guard
County employees of Social Services, Health, Mental Health and Civil Defense
Employees of associations formed for the benefit of state of North Carolina employees (e.g., State Employees’ Association of North Carolina)
Unremarried spouses of individuals who died while eligible for membership
Individuals retired from the above employment or service as pensioners and/or annuitants from the above employment or service. This includes former employees who are “vested” and have not withdrawn or terminated future eligibility to be a pensioner and/or annuitant.
Immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings and children) of a current member
Individuals sharing a single economic unit with a current member
Employees of agencies or departments whose employees are subject to the State Personnel Act

Contact Information

Phone Number: (888) 732-8562
Address: 2305 Westchester Dr High Point, NC 27262
Email: [email protected]