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America First Credit Union is Utah’s #1 auto lender. They have branch locations throughout Utah and neighboring states like Nevada and Idaho. They are one of the largest credit unions in America. They lend money on homes, trucks, RV’s, cars, and other vehicles. America First CU Repo’s are usually in excellent condition and re-marketed very well. They sell repossessions to the public and finance buyers on the spot. Buyers looking to purchase an AFCU repo will need to contact them directly at their collection department. Typically they will accept the best offer but they start the pricing close to book value. For some of the America First CU repo’s like boats and RV’s buyers will need to view them offsite at other storage facilities. This won’t change the fact that buyers can still get great deals when buying repossessions directly from the lender. Most of the vehicles are sold to the highest bidder in a silent auction format. America First CU is a very trustworthy bank and a great partner in the community. According to their website, “America First’s mission of service is not limited to helping people develop and maintain financial well-being. In fact, it emanates throughout the community. Our employee volunteer program, the Greater Good, offers a planned, managed framework that motivates our staff to effectively donate time and resources to the communities where they live.” Rest assured that buying a bank owned car, truck, atv, or motorcycle from a bank like America First will be a great experience. Not only will they offer a reduced price but you can also get a low interest rate and favorable lending term. Representatives from AFCU will provide all the purchase paperwork like bill of sale and title right there on the spot. In many ways it’s like buying from a dealer but without the commission or high pressure sales.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 1-800-999-3961
Address: PO Box 9199 Ogden, Utah 84409
Email: [email protected]