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Our Mission
Greater Kentucky Credit Union’s mission is to provide the best financial services possible to our members while maintaining the financial soundness of the credit union. We are a not-for-profit, cooperative financial institution that provides services to the individuals who join it – its members.

At Greater Kentucky Credit Union, the members are the owners. Members who maintain a Savings Account with a minimum balance of $10 own a share of the credit union. This share gives them the right to a full range of financial services and a vote in electing the Board of Directors who set the overall direction of the credit union.

Credit unions operate by providing Loans to members while paying dividends on deposits. Typically these loans are available at lower interest rates than those offered by other financial institutions. The interest received from loans is used to cover the credit union’s operating expenses and pay dividends to the owners.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (859) 231-9300
Address: 1001 Red Mile Road Lexington, KY 40504