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Grand Valley Bank is a small regional bank with several locations in Colorado and Northern Utah. The bank is based out of Grand Junction, CO. GV Bank has a long history in mortgage financing for real estate loans both on commercial and residential properties. The bank has been know to see defaulted loans that come up after a foreclosure. When this occurs Grand Valley Bank sells the repossessed real estate (also know as REO properties). The good news is that investors and casual buyers can purchase the foreclosed bank properties at a large discount. Although rare, the bank may also sell repo vehicles from time time like cars, RV’s or trucks. Buyers will need to work directly with the collection department of the bank. If using a real estate agent they can certainly act in your behalf. It’s always a good idea to perform any necessary due diligence on a repo property since it’s going to be sold as-is. The bank is merely trying to recoup losses and not turn a profit. Buyers can usually find more repo inventory in Colorado but Utah has it’s fair share of foreclosed bank properties too.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 877-859-6040
Address: 925 N.7th Street, Grand Junction, CO 81501