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GoldenWest Credit Union is a top source for lending products in the state of Utah. They have a long heritage of community involvement. GoldenWest CU is a premier real estate lender. They’ve been able to provide services to thousands of Utah home buyers. Not too often, nevertheless it does occur where a homeowner or real estate investor may be unable to afford the payments on their loan. In this case GoldenWest Credit Union will foreclose on the home and sell the bank REO property back to the public. Buyers interested in getting a deal on a foreclosed home can make an offer directly to the credit union repo department. If you have a real estate agent representing you they can submit an offer. If not the credit union will have all the necessary forms and resources to complete the real estate transaction. One of the top reasons to buy a credit union repossession is the price. You generally will get a much lower price because the home is priced to sell quickly. The credit union wants to get the foreclosures off of their books as soon as they can.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 800-283-4550
Address: 5025 South Adams Avenue South Ogden, UT 84403