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Devil’s Slide Credit Union of Utah is based in Morgan and Summit County. They usually have repo vehicles for sale to the public via their website. These vehicles are taken in on non performing loans. The credit union sells the repossessions back to the public to capture lost loan interest. Qualified buyers can usually get phenomenal deals on Devil’s Slide CU repo’s because of the urgency to sell them. The bank doesn’t want the repo on it’s books and is eager to sell (sometimes at a loss) to recapture what costs it can. It’s not uncommon to find trucks, farm equipment, cars, motorcycles, side-by-side’s, ATV’s and even boats for sale. Most vehicles that the credit union lends money on will not be repossessed but for the few that are, the credit union provides a way for the vehicle to be purchased as a discounted repo. Devil’s slide prides itself in being a smaller bank which can work with it’s customers on a more personal level. A lot of their members would agree. The credit union name comes from the rock formation nearby that resembles a large slide.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 801-829-6900
Address: 243 E 125 N, Morgan, UT 84050
Email: [email protected]