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Over the years, the Bank’s board of directors and staff have included many able businessmen, businesswomen and community leaders whose loyalty and devotion have ensured the prosperity and growth of the bank.

The Bank has maintained its stability through both difficult and prosperous economic times. It survived the March, 1933 “banking holiday” during the Great Depression when all banking institutions nationwide were closed and only allowed to reopen by the Federal Reserve Banks after close inspection of each bank’s capital and financial condition.

In recent years, the number of banking institutions nationwide has decreased approximately 60% due to either failure or consolidation. In Texas alone, there has been a 25% decrease in the number of banks since 2010 from approximately 600 to 450. Despite this trend, community banks, including Citizens National Bank of Hillsboro, still maintain an important position in rural Texas communities.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 254-582-2531
Address: 200 East Elm Street Hillsboro, TX 76645