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Founded in 1883 with $50,000 in capital, Bank of the Rockies was first called the Bank of Meagher County.

In 1885, the Bank received its national charter and became First National Bank of White Sulphur Springs, a name that it kept for the next 113 years.

Since its founding, the Bank has had several owners. In 1973, the Bank was purchased by Michael E. Grove, current President and Chief Executive Officer. Bank of the Rockies is a subsidiary of Countricorp, a bank holding company of which Mr. Grove is the President and majority shareholder.

In April 2001, the Oldest Bank in Montana settled on its new nameā€”Bank of the Rockies, N.A.

Bank of the Rockies has grown significantly since it began expanding in 1996 and now provides quality banking services, excellent community reinvestment and employment opportunities throughout Meagher, Park, Fergus, and Lewis and Clark counties. Bank of the Rockies employs approximately sixty full- and part-time employees and continues to look for additional expansion opportunities.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (406)547-3331
Address: 205 West Main, White Sulphur Springs, MT, 59645