Repo’s – Where to find Weokie Credit Union Repo’s.

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Where to find Weokie Credit Union Repo’s.

As per their website; “[Weokie Credit Union] has grown to become one of the largest financial institutions in Oklahoma, serving tens of thousands of people with a full range of financial products and services.” This credit union is a large player in the Oklahoma banking markets. WCU has their main office in Reno, Oklahoma but they encompass the entire State with offices in Oklahoma City, Yukon, Edmond, as well as other regional outposts.  Weokie Credit Union has built a large customer base since their inception in 1969.  These customers have grown to rely on their competitive financing options for the purchase of cars, trucks, ATV’s, boats, as well as real estate.  Both individuals and businesses have turned to Weokie CU as a valuable partner in banking.

As the financial markets have experienced turmoil in recent years, Weokie has been influential in their ability to resell  their repossessed credit union repo cars.  Their website is very customer friendly and provides the user with a functional way to view current repossessed cars and other bank owned assets. Weokie Credit Union has two separate sections to distinguish to home buyers from the auto buyers.  This simplifies the process and helps the customer find exactly what they are looking for. Weokie is a team player and has been known to be flexible with financing terms as well as pricing on their repossessed vehicles.  Weokie CU also features a tab on this web page that links buyers directly to a loan application to help obtain financing.

For Oklahoma car buyers interested in low priced credit union repo’s they are listed for sale on the-Weokie Credit Union repo list.

It’s a good idea to note that buying cars from a credit union is always in your best interest.  The credit union is eager to sell the vehicles to cover losses and will be quick to negotiate discounts.  You’re also safe to assume you are working with a seller that deals with auto and real estate transactions on a daily basis.  Weokie Credit Union has their reputation on the line every time they sell a vehicle.  It’s their job to provide great customer service as they guide you through the process.  Buyers who are serious about purchasing a credit union repo can visit their main branch to view the vehicles prior to submitting an offer.

If you decide to move forward on buying a repossession, whether it’s a car, boat, truck, RV or piece of real estate, don’t hesitate to contact a representative from a Weokie Credit Union to ask additional questions or test drive the vehicle.  Don’t forget that credit union repo’s are priced to sell fast.  Make sure you are prepared to buy prior to submitting an offer.  As a rule of thumb credit union repo’s are presented in “as-is” condition.  All this means is that you, the buyer will be responsible to do your own due diligence.  Most repossessions are in working condition but some may require some repairs prior to being functional.  If you end up needing financing, be sure to ask for special rates or loan terms on their repossession sales.  If you still seek additional advice feel free to speak with local professionals whose expertise is either real estate or vehicles for tips and help with your purchase.