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Best Car Features for Snow and Winter Driving

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If you live in a cold-weather state, you’ll need a dependable vehicle to carry you through the snowy, icy winter months. Thankfully, there are many features in modern vehicles that make driving in the winter easier, safer and more convenient. But how do you know which features are actually worth it – and which ones you can skip over? 

Below are the best car features to look for when buying a vehicle to drive in the snow and ice. They will keep you safe and make winter driving more comfortable. 

Winter Tires 

Once the first snowfall hits, you’ll need a reliable car with good tires. But not just any tires – you need tires that can handle the snow and ice. 

Winter tires, or snow tires, are not the same as all-season tires. They feature a unique material that allows them to stay flexible in below-freezing temperatures. Snow tires also have a unique tread pattern and deeper treads to reduce snow buildup. 

However, you won’t want to use these tires in the summertime because they’re much less effective at dispersing heat. To save money and drive safely, it’s best to switch out these tires in the summer. 

Advanced Safety Features 

Today’s vehicles have a host of advanced safety features, so which ones are really necessary? Obviously, we recommend anti-lock brakes and stability control (both required by law), adaptive headlights and forward collision avoidance. These features help improve visibility on the road. 

While not necessary, heated seats and heated steering wheels can make your drive more comfortable. Some other features that will help you drive easier in winter weather are: 

  • Automatic high beams
  • Blind spot monitoring 
  • Emergency braking 
  • Ground clearance 
  • Headlight washers and wipers
  • Rain-sensing wipers
  • Heated windows
  • Remote start 

All-Wheel Drive 

All-wheel drive (AWD) delivers power to all of your wheels instead of just two. This is crucial when driving in snow because if one or two tires lose traction, power is delivered to the other tires to help the car stay in control. 

Many modern vehicles drive the front or rear wheels continuously, while delivering power to the other set of wheels as needed. This is most efficient on fuel. However, there are some vehicles that deliver the same amount of torque to all four wheels at all times, though they are less fuel efficient. 

Winter driving is not for everyone, but if you live in a cold-weather state, you’ll probably be out on the roads in snow or ice at least a couple of times. To ensure you are safe and comfortable on the road, be sure to look for these features in your new vehicle.  

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How to Find Repossessed Cars for Sale in Your Area

Are you shopping around for a used car at a bargain price? With pandemic-related car shortages, even used cars are selling for way more than they’re worth. For the best deals, you’ll want to check out repossessed cars. 

Repo cars are vehicles that the banks have taken back from the owners because they didn’t make their payments on time. Usually, the banks give owners a chance to catch up on their payments, but if they’re unable to do this, the vehicle is listed for sale. 

Oftentimes, dealerships scoop up repossessions at great deals, and then fix them up before selling them on their lot. But because they take some time to clean and repair major issues, consumers are paying more for them.

If you want a true repo car at a heavily discounted price, here are some tips for finding one. 

Online Auctions 

A large portion of repo vehicles make their way to auctions. Auctions are popular because they’re a way to reach a wide number of buyers. There are a number of online auction sites, so you’ll have to do your research to find the best ones. 

Some things to pay attention to include: 

  • Membership or registration fees. Most auction sites require you to have a membership. Even if you can browse the inventory, you’ll likely need to be a member to place a bid. Find out what each membership includes, how much it costs, how often you’re billed and if there’s a contract.
  • Selection of inventory. Ideally, you want to choose an auction site that has an extensive inventory of vehicles. This way, you have more to choose from. Some sites even sell recreational vehicles like ATVs, RVs, boats and small aircraft.  
  • How often the inventory changes. Pay attention to how frequently the inventory changes. The more often it’s updated, the more vehicles you’ll have to choose from, making it easier to find the repo car that you want. 

Police Repo Auctions 

Sometimes, it’s not the banks and lenders that are in charge of repossessing vehicles – it’s the police. This is especially common when repossessions are ordered by the court. However, police stations are unable to keep random vehicles on their lots, so they’re motivated to sell them at deep discounts. 

Lender and Bank Repo Sales 

Banks, lenders and credit unions sometimes also have their own inventory of repo cars. They’re usually hoping to recoup some of their losses, which is why they’re willing to sell them to dealerships and the general public at discounted rates. makes it easy to shop for bank-owned vehicles. We have repo lists from all over the country. Simply click on the state you live in, and you’ll be provided with a list of banks and lenders in your area. We continually update our inventory, and our membership is just $4.95 a month – no contract. 

Find your repo vehicle at a bargain price today!